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Update! 8/13/03: after this update you will no longer see any because I have embeded my livejournal. If you see it great, if you don't just click on the link.

More to come later!
I am going to put the most resent updates here and all the other ones on another page, my News page.
I have created flash movie!!! click here to see it. Please note that you need Macromedia's flash 6 to view it.

ONLY days 'til the Next mini steamboat meet in Blaine WA!.

Any way, down below you will find links to my engine and my boat pics, I will have the stats on those pages. Happy steaming!
I would Like to thank my Grandpa (Russ Karns) who has supplied his workshop, tools, time and money to help me make this boat and the engine that will go in it. Also, I would like to thank my Dad (Harry Miller) for helping me complete the boat (doing most of the fiber glassing).
Go to my other homepage at KC7SDA.FreeURL.com Thanks!!!
By the way, if you are looking at my page through my Main homepage (at the site above) please press the back button. Thanks!
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