Well, the big day has arrived to take the boat down to Lake Whatcom for the test float

We first got the boat across the street.

Then partway down the the hill and found out that the lights didn't work

So we turned the trailer around and took it back home, and then went to wal mart 15 minutes later to find a replacement light kit.
The next morning Dad and I replaced the lights on the trailer.

We were then ready for the test launch!
We arrived at Lake Whatcom around 11 am (thats Dad driving)

Next we had to get the engine out and hook it onto the back and attach the lines and fenders

Next was time for the launch!

This was the first time the trailer had touched any water other then rain and hose water.

And here is a pic of the first time the boat touched the water!

After giving one big push to get it off the trailer...

It floats!!!!!!

This is me doing my happy dance!

Next to come, getting the hardware attached to the deck and get it ready for the meet!
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