The Making of the SC No Rush

As you might know, I have started to build (and its almost done!!) a 15' 9" catamaran
Here are some pics that I have taken of my boat! (yes its from a digital camera)

The two pics above are before my Grandpa (Russ Karns) and I put the sides on, since I was at school, he went ahead and steamed bent the chine logs around to the bow.

Cutting and steaming chine log

These are the chine logs that we had to steam bend to get into place (the left one is just after steaming, the right one is the other chine log inplace and being glued)
These are the shear logs that run on ether side of the boat, they had to have a lot of clamps put on in order to glue the entire thing together.

The pic on the left is the scarf joint on the frame, the backing board is to give it more strength, the pic on the right is the joint all glued up.

To allow the plywood to conform to the chine logs and the bow stem, we had to use a hand planer and chisel (right) to trim the wood down for a glueing surface.

The pic on the left is before we trimmed the plywood and glued it in place, and the pic on the right is after both sides are done, we are now ready to put the bottom of the hull.

These pics show fitting the aft section of plywood, and glueing backing boards.

Here are some pics of the deck 2x4's, we used 6 of them, every other one from the front is on a bulk head.

Here's the deck being preped to be glued and nailed down (the foam is laid in the bottom and 'glued' in with that foam in a can stuff to add bouncy should the boat start to sink, there is enough foam that if one hull is punctured, everyone can get to the other side and i can limp back)

The deck on both pontoons are all glued down and read to be nailed

We estamated where the holes for the bolts should be and drilled the holes a bit bigger than we needed, then filled them with epoxy (left), on top of all this, we put three vent holes in each pontoon (one in the bow, one in the middle, and one in the sturn) (right)

Thats my dad in the straw hat sanding away at the fiberglass (i dont have any pics of the fiberglassing because it took two of us to do it!) We had to fill in all the nail holes and the very low spots (thats what the white stuff on the sides is). More comming soon!!!

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