And here is the power plant of the whole thing!
A 2" x 2" OUTBOARD steam engine!
It has a forward gear, a reverise gear, and a NETURAL 'gear'!!!
Right now, I have a solid brass prop that messurs 13" in diamater
and 16" in pitch (thats one huge prop!!)!!!

Just resently I timed the rpms on the engine with no load, beleave it or not, it will turn over at about 700 rpm's at 100 psi!
When I found this out, and looked at the mess afterwords, I desided that I needed some covers.

If you look closely at the two pics, you will see two tubes that oil the cross heads, and you will see the oil tube that goes to the crankshaft bearning. With this setup, I can now oil all of the engine without stoping it!

I was bord one day and desided to polish the prop, heres what it looked like:

I will be taking more pics later, I have been storing it and it has done a little bit of rusting on me =( but i'll take it apart sometime and fix it, maybe even paint it!